Monday, November 7, 2011

 Hi there blog fans... here is a blog I posted several months ago when I was at the beginning of my "transition", "re-careering", job search.  It is from the Finding Work Initiative website where you can also find the tab for the JOBS program.  I am producing segments for that program through December.

This blog post is in response to Rich Longabauh's post about adjusting to being suddenly, out of work.

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"On Losing Your Job”

  1. Avatar April 12th, 2011 at 1:59 pm Joanne Williams Says: So, I’m reading Richard Longabaugh’s blog here on the “Finding Work Initiative” website and I think to myself… am I following his steps? Hmmm, let me see ( and share my thoughts with you).
    Right now I’m taking advantage of a wonderful opportunity here at MPTV… working for the JOBS program, telling stories about people who have been or are still looking for work. But in the first few weeks of my being a “free agent looking for a new team”, I had to step back and take quite a few deep breaths.
    Telling the family that I was looking for a new job was not as hard as telling former colleagues and co- workers. More on that in future blogs… stay tuned.
    Richard suggests joining a support or networking group. Sounds like that would get the word out that I am “in the market”. So, I keep my facebook page updated, use Twitter regularly and check my Linkedin account every day. I have also continued to attend the meetings of the board and organizations that I am part of in Milwaukee.
    Modify my lifestyle? OK, that’s easier said than done. You have to look at eveything you pay for… from the mortgage to the groceries and decide: what do I NEED, what do I WANT and what can I live WITHOUT. I have not figured all that out yet, but time is tight with the funds available and I better get out the calculator and do some figuring in the next few days.
    This may take longer than it did when I last looked for a job?! Oh boy, that is scary! Of course, the last time I had to show someone my resume, Jimmy Carter was president.
    Richard says we should “consider the state of your emotional, physical and spiritual health”. I guess still playing tennis and sort of learning to swim would qualify. Right? the spiritual side is hard to define. Maybe Richard will have some insights in his next blog.
    Do you think I am on the right track?

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