Monday, April 18, 2011

TODAY IN 3 WORDS: Not like college! (anymore)

OK,  that was more than 3 words.  Acutally is was just 3 words, I added the extra word for clarification.
So, I went to my alma mater, Northwestern University last week for a job fair.

I have stood on both sides of the recruiting booth, but this was the first time I was REALLY hoping to get some leads on a new job.It all felt pretty good, but a little scary. The representatives of the companies were friendly (they probably did not expect to see an alum in my demographic) and welcomed my resume. All the other job- seekers were college students are very recent grads looking for their first big break. My resume is two pages and I shortened it to make a quicker read.

The "cement ladies" were fun to talk with, the tennis-playing recruiter lamented the fact that there were no leagues to play with in his neighborhood (I told him to start one with the help of the USTA), and the digital consulting firms were all fired-up and ready to go with their technology... but they need people like me to write the content.

I also met another alum only 3 years my junior who was at the fair looking for a new position since her company had "downsized" her out of a job.We agreed that it is very tough out here looking for full-time work and that the new "normal" of work maybe a collection of contracts, assignments and part-time jobs strung together to create a new career. When they predicted that in the future everyone would work at 4 or 5 careers, I did not realize they meant... at the same time!

Anyway, that is the news from the job-search trail... from the free- agent looking for a new team!