Monday, June 25, 2012

ARRGG!! OMG... what have we done??

Well, I am planning to send my baby off to college in a few weeks and while surfing around the web today (do we still say that?) I came across the TIME Magazine list of the state colleges with the highest tuition increases.  Lo and behold, there was my son's new university home listed at #4!!  ASU had a 44% tuition rate increase in the last two years!!! It is tied with the University of Georgia (ironically another college to which he applied but was not accepted).

What have I done?? He received one scholarship, but the rest of the tuition is going to be covered by student loans, work study and my selling aluminum cans for recycling.

But, the bright side is... I am going to loose weight and be a lot slimmer and trimmer by 2016, when he graduates.  That is because, with him at ASU and his brother here at MATC, I don't plan to eat for the next 4 years.

I'll let you know how that goes... stay tuned!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Endings and Beginnings

I love to begin things, but I really hate it when things I like, enjoy or love come to an end.
So it is that I have ended my 90 stint as a Loaned Executive for the United Performing Arts Fund. the full-time, temporary job taught me a lot of things.

Like: I don't enjoy working alone, I need office-mates and co-workers to make me feel productive and connected. I don't like working from home.  Many people love it, some would prefer that to going to a job every day, but not me.  When I'm at home, I want to leave the J.O.B. in the office.  Maybe that comes from more than 35 years in the news business where you do your story, forget it and go home.  We tend to do that because often they are not stories we want to remember. Fires, murders, politicians... things we want to leave at the desk at work and not have to think about at the dinner table at home.

This may sound like i"m whining, but I really enjoyed working for UPAF and wish there had been some role I could fill with the organization, full- time.I will miss working in the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts and having that spectacular view of Milwaukee from the windows (even the window in the ladies room had a great view).

So, this ending is bitter- sweet. No more driving from downtown Milwaukee to Pewaukee twice in one day.. no more wrestling with UPAF balloons in the wind... but, no more chatting and enjoying the company of my fellow LE's and UPAF co-workers, either.

But, I'm keeping hope alive... this ending will lead to a new beginning that will take me iinto the directions I love and never end.