Thursday, November 10, 2011

The last questions are the answers.

For too long, education has been run by folks who believe only THEY know the way to teach. That old insult, "those who can't do - teach" should be turned around to "those who HAVE DONE - teach". We need to get the thousands of out-of-work "experts" in all fields into our schools. The teaching should come from the bankers and business executives and administrative assistants and marketers and other professions who can share priceless experience and knowledge with our children and their teachers.

Kids learn by example and we have too few examples of  the many occupations and intelligences ( did I just make up a word there?) adults possess that are not being demonstrated.

Teachers have a critical role in "educating" our children.  But "education" can come from many different sources.  Education is sharing what you know with others and opening the door for them to learn more on their own.

Don't just 'move the chair'... open the front door and let education, in.

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