Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello? Oh, No...

Sometimes I feel sorry for telemarketers.  They cold- call hundreds of unsuspecting Americans everyday and probably in many cases, get rudely rejected by people who are just answering their phones. Telemarketers have a tough job.  But... sometimes you get called by one who knows how to make a phone call work and close a sale or prospect.

 That was the case of a woman who called me a week or so ago and kept me on the line for several minutes. She began with a smile in her voice and a friendly "how are you" to me by name.  We chatted about the weather for about 30- seconds, then she got down to the reason for the call... health insurance. I was willing to listen, since she was nice to me. I did not follow through to the next step in the telemarketing system, but had a nice chat. Do telemarketers get paid by the number of calls that get answered? By the number they transfer to the next person who tries to make the sale? I don't know... actually, I don't care.

But today, I got a call from one of the rudest telemarketers, ever. Not only did she end the conversation when I said I was not interested, but kept the line open long enough to sneeze, cough and gripe to the caller probably sitting next to her, about not convincing me to buy.

A word to all telemarketers from a person very experienced with talking to people with electronic equipment: every mic = a live mic.  Be careful what you say when you think nobody can hear you!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

hot, hot, hot

Yes, it is hot today and promises to be hot tomorrow... and I love it!

On the Williams Weather scale today gets a "10".

Why do I love hot weather since I was born and raised in Milwaukee where we have only two seasons: winter and construction?? My theory is because I was born in April and the first months of my life were spent enjoying warm, warmer and finally hot weather. ( I would post a photograph of me to prove this, but I have not figured- out how to do that on a blog, yet.  I will have to consult my 18 & 17 year old sons.... stay tuned) I have a theory: the season in which you were born is the one that you enjoy most the rest of your life.

Therefore, I am a spring/summer lover. Fall is pretty and the first week in October is always fantastic with highs in the 70's (watch what happens this autumn and see if I'm not right). Winter is nice to look at and features several holidays to make the weather more bearable, but I don't go out into it unless forced.

But, when spring/summer come around... look out! I am out there!

Join me!