Monday, May 2, 2011

We are not alone!!

I titled this blog page "The New 'Normal' " because a friend who is also looking for the next chapter in her career (aka: job) said that to me when we shared notes on how to navigate this period.

Since then, I've found that the phrase is being used all over the place and that it has different meanings for different circumstances.  For instance:

Sunday, Mar. 06, 2011

The new normal in higher ed

Two-year, technical schools have booming enrollment, busted budgets

 Or, how about this one...

The Job Seeker Blog

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Is job hopping the new normal? 


or even this one...

Market Developments

How can jewelers adapt to the 'new normal'?


or, this one... from the Well Rounded Mama

April 13, 2011

The First Day of the New Normal

Yesterday was the first day.  The first full day of Jason being back at work and me being home with the kiddos with nothing on the to-do list...

So, my new "normal" is not like others, but many of us are trying to negotiate the many changes in our worlds that are making us become people we didn't used to be. (whoa, was any of that grammatically correct??)

Anyway, I had one of my busiest days in my new "normal" on Thursday. I thought I was back at work, rushing from assignment to office to air... instead my calendar looked like this:

10:00 am- meeting of the 40+ job seekers discussion and support group. Lots of people with talent, experience and a work- ethic that can't be questioned just waiting for the phone to ring. Heard about an event today at Waukesha County Technical College on the value of volunteering while out of work, so...

12:30 pm -  took a ride to W.C.T.C. to check it out. Only one booth was set up and I met Abby Lorenz of the Pewaukee Area Arts Council. She convinced me to come to their fashion show/luncheon on May 5 and help out.  Why not?

2:00 pm - went to the bank to see how the reserves are holding-up.

6:00pm - attended the Willie D. Davis Scholarship Fund Dinner at the Hyatt. I was one of the judges for the 25 high school students who recieved $2,000 each.  This is the 20th year of the fund that has benefited hundreds of students who wanted to go to college. I saw lots of people I have not seen since the new "normal" began and had lots of nice chats.

10:00 pm - Got home to find that my son had not gotten the job he was looking forward to, so we talked about not giving- up on his search (and mine) and how to go out and look for something else.

This is my new "normal"... how about yours??

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