Saturday, May 14, 2011

The "Bling" in Pewaukee

Volunteering is something I've done for years, but who wants to volunteer when you are out of work???
The folks at Waukesha County Technical College thought it was such a good idea, they had a day or workshops about it a couple weeks ago.

So, I went to see what I could learn, and made a new friend. 

I met Abby Lorenz who was organizing a spring fashion show, :"Spring Bling" at the Country Inn just off I-94.
Turns out we shared a history in broadcasting and she invited me to the luncheon and join the volunteer crew to put on the show. So, I went out early and helped with raffle tickets, banquet hall decoration and ended- up being a "greeter" of sorts, talking to lots of people who were loyal viewers.

Two colleagues of mine, Katrina and Miles were there from FOX6's "Real Milwaukee" show ( the same name I used, ironically for a series of features I did at FOX6 between medical and education reporting) and the new guy, Tony helped model some of the men's clothing.

The important part was that it was a fund-raiser for the Pewaukee Area Arts Council... supporting the arts in Waukesha County... and a way for several local businesses to showcase their products.

It also reminded me that volunteering can be fun and it helps you focus on what's really important... giving to others.

Too preachy?  Sorry, I just got in the mood!!!
Happy Saturday!!

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