Sunday, May 29, 2011

The class of 2011

It happens every spring... but this spring, it happened to me.

My 18-year old son graduated from high school. Of course, he is not alone. Hundreds of other seniors graduated with him on May 25th and thousands more will graduate between then and the end of June.

Just like so many other kids, his elementary, middle and high school years were a challenge. Classes and studying and tests and papers and projects were not a "piece of cake" for him, but he never gave up.  He did the work, learned the lessons and passed the tests.

Now,  the baby that I strapped into a car seat is reminding me to fasten my seat belt when I am the passenger in the car and he is driving. That little boy I held on my lap now helps me up from a chair.

What's next for him? Maybe college, maybe a job, but whatever he decides to do, I will be right behind him cheering.

I threatened to cry at the graduation from the time I read his name in the program to the minute he walked out of the hall.  His younger brother was in charge of the Kleenex.  Surprisingly, I did not cry ( well maybe a tear or two as he walked across the stage). I was focused on taking the video so we could see it over and over.

Congratulations, J-B!!! You did it!!!

BTW: I did finally cry. I am crying now as I write this.

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