Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blue skies, golden leaves, purple flowers... it was Homecoming at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois!

I was anxious but a little apprehensive about seeing friends from the class of 1971 (yes, do the math...) but when I got back on campus, it was like coming home.
From the fantastic seminar on branding your business to the football game against Penn State (of course N.U. lost 24-34, but who cares?)it was a glorious weekend.

I met a lot of current students who actually listened to what the "71ders" had to say about Northwestern history and their futures... and a woman from the class of '75 who lived in the same dorm room at Hobart Hall that I had occupied in '70 & '71!

Some people don't like to attend high school or college reunions, but I love them because you get to renew friendships and find out how everyone's life has unfolded.

One of my classmates called us "elders". We threatened to throw things at him. But in the larger picture, I guess he is correct. We are the ones with grey in our hair, if we have any hair left, who look at the pictures in the yearbook and laugh.

They say high school and college are the best years of our lives.  We don't believe "them" when we are living those years, but when you can look back and compare them with all that has happened since, those other "elders" were right.

Go Wildcats!

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