Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The sun is shining.
The temperatures are in the 70's and 80's.
Perfect tennis weather!!
But, am I playing ? No!!

Why not, you may ask. Why am I not spending my so far healthy retirement doing the second- best thing I love?

Because I believe everyone has a purpose. Something you HAVE to do because you have been moving towards it... gearing-up for it... awaiting that slap of inspiration that sets you off on the path you should take, for a long time. I found mine earlier this year while looking through boxes marked "high school stuff".

I found, well found is not the right word, I re-read the newspaper article below and realized the event had happened exactly 50 years ago. So I began asking myself questions and the answers came in the form of the documentary/project that keeps me holed- up in my dining room on my laptop on warm, summer days.

"Kaukauna & King: 50 Years Later" is the project.  Where are the students who participated in the exchange? How did the exchange and performance in the play "In White America" effect them as 17 & 18 year olds? How did the exchange effect their communities of Kaukauna and Rufus King High School? Who/where are they now? How has Wisconsin or the communities touched by the exchange and play changed in racial understanding in 50 years?

Big questions... hopefully big answers.

My Eureka moment came when I was looking through books on Wisconsin at the Renaissance Bookstore at the airport. I was trying to find something on this event in 1966. There was nothing to be found. then it hit me... no one had written about this before because it was 'hidden history" and I was the one to write it! I cannot express how that felt!!

So, I press on. No funding (yet). Only one other person helping with the project (thanks Josh). And, my goal to have the doc finished by the end of the year keeps looking harder and harder.  But, when this IS finished, I hope this history
it will be hidden no more.  Stay tuned.


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