Tuesday, March 3, 2015

tech tales

Here is a rant against technology...

I had a great idea for a blog, but my access to this site was blocked because my "cookies" weren't right.

So, I followed the directions and by the time I got in to this page, I forgot what I was going to write!!!

Why, oh why, does technology have to get in the way of creativity??

Ok, I'm old (er) than most of you using these devices.  To you, they are second nature. But, to some of us, they are roadblocks to communication and true interpersonal relationships.

I need a new phone since Verizon is trying to bankrupt me and my whole family.  I just want a cell phone that 1- makes and receives calls, 2- sends and receives text messags, 3- takes pictures (selfies not necessary).   That's all... no data, no GB's, just a PHONE.

So I went to several websites to choose something new and got lost in the plans, rates, GB's and phone types to choose from.


I guess technology is passing me by... but at least, since I am reducing the time I spend looking at a screen, I will still be able to blink!.

Squinting Computer Users Blink Less


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