Monday, July 21, 2014

Seeing 65

It is with mixed emotions and only a few regrets, that I passed my 65th birthday, this year.

My health is still good, and I say a big "thank you" every day for that.  But, when my nurse practitioner's office called to say I should come in for my "Medicare visit", I actually winced.

For some time I looked forward to this birthday because I would finally be eligible for Medicare.  Then I learned that after paying into the system all these years, I STILL have to pay by having a reduction in my Social Security monthly check. (signing up for Social Security was a mind-bender, too but that's another story).

Then there are those ads.  I paid little attention to them in years past... you know, the life insurance, hearing aids, three- pronged walkers, walk- in bathtubs, life- line pendants that you push when you fall... all that stuff.  It is all making a lot more sense to me now! And I kind of resent it!

I recently met a group of actors at the Ten Chimneys dinner.  They have all been in their profession for 20+ years, and still a couple of them were shocked looking at me when they found out my age.
C'mon! Meryl Streep is only 2 months younger!!

65 is a good age (as I always say, it's better to get older than the alternative).  I know, I know I'm not the only one who is passing this milestone.  All my high school classmates, my college buddies, etc. are in the same boat. And, since my father got his Master's degree at 70 years old, I have 5 more years to go back to school and make something of myself.


  1. Turning 65 is a bittersweet feeling, indeed. I guess one good thing about it is that you won't be needing those products mentioned in the ads anytime soon. As for your social security checks, it was a good idea to get them, as you should be reaping the benefits of your hard work over the years. While they're still taxed, it's still better than receiving nothing at all. Take care!

    Jason Hayes @ DECO Recovery Management

  2. Thanks Jason, I am grateful every time of of those SS deposits hits my checking account!