Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The 1960's

I've been thinking a lot about the 1960's and 1963 specifically, lately.

It began back around April when we started planning for a 50th anniversary special on the March on Washington for "Black Nouveau". That rolled right into my newest television obsession "Mad Men" and now, with the approach of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy looming in 39 days, I am falling deeper and deeper into my teenage past and thinking about events and things I have not resurrected in almost 50 years.

First: It is almost unthinkable that I am now at an age where I can look back 50 years and have a crystal clear memory of the day things happened... right down to the dopey glasses that I wore.

Second: I am not looking back at all these events with nostalgia. The Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 1962 scared me so badly that I wanted to move into a bomb shelter.

Third: It was the time of only 3 major television networks and as these events unfolded on live TV, we had no choice but to watch. In black and white, of course.  That is important because everything seems so much more urgent when it's not in color.

1960 to 1970 are my middle school, high school and college years.

My family lived in 3 different houses in the 1960's. I can remember 3 family dogs, several cats and a baby alligator in our homes. Not all at the same time!

I will go back into the 1960's now... and let you know how they turn out.

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