Sunday, July 22, 2012

What was he thinking... ??

A teacher in Georgia tried to blend math and history and got himself in really hot water.

3rd grader teacher Luis Rivera at Beaver Ridge Elementary School in Gwinnett County wrote math questions asking for instance: "If 8 slaves pick 56 oranges..."!  Whoa!! What was he thinking???!!  WAS he thinking?? And, why did this kind of question turn-up on homework without anyone seeking it first??

I understand that every piece of homework cannot be reviewed by the principal or department chair before it is put in a kid's backpack, but whenever a teacher is trying something "new", might it be a good idea to at least run it past another teacher to see if it sounds right?

This is what I call another example of "ignorant racism". People can say things that sound acceptable to them about other people, and are shocked when the response is negative... or at least not what they were expecting. The best avenue to take is: think before you speak...or write,  about how the person recieving the message might take it.  Yes, that takes time and may not seem necessary, based upon how you were raised. But, in this multi-cultural world we all need to learn more about others before we bring them into our conversations.  The teacher has apologized and resigned his job in the school, but as many teachers ask of their students... what have WE learned from this?

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